Bellingham Men's            

             Slow Pitch


*** Sign-Up Forms below ***  PAY FORM ADDED BELOW *** Pay Meeting will be April 16 2014 5:30 @ Prostock Athletic.....

More 2014 Info:  Due to the Parks Dept raising there rates we had no choice but to do the same so it will be $900 per team this year instead of $850. the $900 includes you NSA Fee (as a board we have no control over this)

Bellingham Men's Slow Pitch Association is looking for Volunteers to join the board and help out when needed.  Please contact any current board member if you would like to become a member.

Please check the approved equipment list at for approved softball bats.

Rainout Numbers are
(Bellingham 778-7055) & (Ferndale 380-7462)